Saturday, October 13, 2012

Not Your Normal Sarian

From Time Masters Book Two; The Prophecy

Tylahs Mihn crept up the back side of one of the many elaborate tapestries which adorned the walls in this particular part of the palace.  He stopped and rubbed his antenae together a few times then listened intently, his little kitten like ears a-tuned to the tiniest of sounds.  
 She was late.  Good.   As the little Sarian’s older brothers were also not there. 
  “Always late!  Never on time!   Master will be anrgyssesss!”  Tylahs lamented and shuddered at the thought.
 “Only if Tylahs tells.   Tylahs better keep mouth shutssesss!”
 Tylahs froze.  His brothers had arrived and were quickly making their way up the back side of the tapestry to where he himself clung.  Uh Oh ...
His older brothers were bigger than Tylahs, and though they had been bred differently, they were still considered to be his brothers.  At times however, Tylahs wished it were other wise.  
 “Tylahs, worthless, ugly little Sarian!  Did you do as Master saidssesss?”
 A brother on either side of him, Tylahs was trapped.  They clung to the tapestry and pressed into him.  “Yesssesss!” He squeaked, his eyes bulging at the hated pressure of the two coarsely furred black and grey bodies thrust against him so hard the whole tapestry moved.
 “Goodssesss.  Well done for ugly, stupid Sarian like Tylahssesss!”  Toil, his brother on his left had actually given him a compliment.  
 Tylahs beamed with pleasure and quivered with delight, despite being smashed between the two brutes.  
 Trouble on the other hand, “Stupid Tylahs no goodssesss!  Always doing wrong and make us clean up his messes!  Master have us kill Tylahs one dayssesss!”
  Tylahs froze.
 Trouble turned his face right into Tylahs’s.  “We will kill you one dayssesss,”  he hissed.  “And I will like watching Tylahs die just like humanssesss!”  

 “Silence, all three of you!  Do you want to be found out?”  The tapestry was pulled away from the wall a few inches then roughly slapped back into it.  All three Sarian gave an audible high pitched ‘umph’ as their backs slammed into the wall.   She had arrived.
 She leaned against the wall, her tall form half hidden from them.  The three Sarian repositioned themselves to better converse with their leader.
 Toil made his way up the tapestry to get closer to her ear.  “We have done what Master saidssesss.  Now we go homessess?”
The woman looked this way and that before she spoke, then pulled the tapestry slightly away from the wall.  “No, we’ve still work to do.  I will tell you when it is time for you to return.  Tylahs, you did what I told you? Please say that you did.”
 Tylahs clung to the tapestry even harder at the mention of his name.  And of course, for what he knew would come next.  He all but cringed when he spoke. “Yesssesss.”
   She sighed in relief.  “Well done.  I will be sure to let your master know you have done everything he has asked of you.  I’m sure you will be well rewarded.”
 Tylahs tried to shrink into the tapestry as Toil and Trouble growled low in their throats.  Did she have to mention he’d get a reward? 
 “And you two,” she began, addressing his brothers.  “I’m sure the two of you have once again lived up to your names?”
 Toil and Trouble both bared their little fangs and teeth.  Trouble took the display a step further and spit venom at her.
 “Why you little monster!”  She hissed back and pulled a delicate looking handkerchief out of a pocket sewn into the sleeve of her gown.  She quickly wiped the poisonous spittle away.  “Do that again and I will smash you where you stand!”
 Trouble again bared his teeth and hissed. 
 Tylahs sighed.  Toil and Trouble had been aptly named.

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Chrissy Peebles said...

Awesome excerpt! Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it so much!