Friday, October 5, 2012

Introducing Tylahs Mihn ...

From Time Masters Book Two; The Prophecy.

The hall was dark, empty.  A rapid succession of clickity, clickity click, click clicks could be heard racing across the expansive floor.  Tylahs Mihn ran as fast as his little eight legs could carry him.  If he did the job quickly and efficiently he knew he would be well rewarded.
 He rounded a corner and several of his single taloned feet hooked themselves into the bottom of a floor to ceiling tapestry.  He’d stopped just in time and let loose a low, staccato whistling sound of relief.  A huge Muiraran guard patrolled this part of the palace and was just crossing from one intersecting set of corridors to patrol another.  That alone let Tylahs know he was getting close.  Once the guard was out of sight, the little Sarian raced on.
 “Find hersssesss, I must find hersssess.  But wheresssesss?”  
 His body, small as it was, could scurry along the wall without being seen well enough.  He should be able to slip in and out and not get caught. Just as he’d done when he’d snuck into the palace.  But he had to make extra sure he got the right room, and that could take time.  Thankfully confidence was on his side tonight and he quickly made his way across the huge expanse of floor at the intersecting corridors. Yes, yes.  He could do this. None of his older brothers and sisters could dispute it.  They had, almost all of them, failed.  Only a few had made it through.  Now it was his turn.  
 Tylahs knew he could do it.  It was what he was made for.  His coloring, his size, all that he was his master had bred into him for this very thing.  And above all, little Tylahs Mihn wanted to please his master.
 Clickity, clickity, click ....  He still thought his master should have wrapped his talons to soften the sound emitted on the marble floors.  But then escape would become difficult. His master said so.  The floors were slick enough as it was without having his talons wrapped in cloth.
Tylahs suddenly stopped.  He turned slowly as his furry little black antennae quivered.  She was near.  He could smell her, all but taste her scent.  He spun to face the door across the hall.  This had to be it!  
 “Yesssesss!  I have found hersssess!”  He nervously looked this way and that, his large round bulbous eyes quivering with the effort, as he made sure no guards were about.  He then quickly raced across the hall to the huge wooden door.  
 “Oh nosssesss!  How to get insssesss?” He sat back on his haunches and looked up at the door that to him, seemed to go on and on.  He shook his head and furiously rubbed his antanea together as he pondered his next move. 

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When will Time Masters book three be out The Legacy?