Friday, October 26, 2012

Fun, Sexy, Read!

If you are looking for a fun, sexy, weekend read, or any day for that matter, then you'll love Taken By The Cowboy.  Julianne MacLean has penned another fun historical romp this time via an unwitting, time traveling spitfire whose entire world turns upside down when she lands herself in the 1880's old west.  And the old west is not the only place our heroine Jessica Delaney lands as she soon finds herself gracing a cell in the town jail.  And all because of a pesky June bug she swatted at, (who wouldn't?  Have you ever seen the size of one of those things?) one dead gunslinger, (who had nothing to do with the June bug as he was already dead) and an incredibly sexy Sheriff. (Who managed to make full use of the June bug in a nickname for said heroine.)  And who knew how much trouble a little, (well, maybe not little) June bug could cause?  Her life constantly in the balance, "June Bug Jess" as she's come to be known, tries desperately to find her way not only out of jail, but back to the 21st century.  But Sheriff Truman Wade has other ideas.  Keeping her alive for one as threats to her life continue to grow.  But protecting June Bug Jess becomes problematic when Sheriff Wade realizes she's not the only thing he needs to protect.  His heart's in as much danger from her as she is from the blood thirsty outlaws trying to kill her.  Saddle up and find out what happens when you too, 'Get Taken by the Cowboy'.  You'll be glad you did.  
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