Thursday, April 24, 2014

She's at it again ...

From Time Masters 2 The Prophecy:

Kitty gripped Shona’s arm and squeaked in excitement.  Simon Kells was about to open a door.  She had rushed home, gathered what she thought she would need for a week or so with her best friend, (IN A PALACE!!!) and raced back to the Whittards’, where Dallan, Shona, and their strange companions waited.  She’d told her parents that they were all going out of town on a camping trip. They told her to have a good time while she visited Shona and could she pick her mother up a fun souvenir? Her parents loved camping, but usually of the lodge variety, a souvenir for her mother meant a coffee mug or sweatshirt.  Now all Kitty had to do was remember to nab something before she actually came home.  She then wondered if it were possible for the Muirarans to swing by a national park’s gift shop, but quickly forgot the whole idea as Geran began to sing.
 Tomy, Evan and Maggie watched in awe as an elaborate room was outlined in beautiful green light, the drawn picture then peeling away to reveal the actual room depicted.  Tomy whistled as she took in the rich furnishings and tapestries.  Evan and Maggie, on the other hand, were on the alert for that large, white, furry thing they had glimpsed earlier.  They were none too eager to encounter it again. Thankfully it didn’t appear to be around. 
 They both sighed in relief as the goodbyes began.
 Shona turned, Kitty still attached, and gave her mother a sideways hug.  “We’ll be back in a week or so.  I’m glad I got to see you.  I wish you could all go.  But they insisted only one may come and chose Kitty.”
 Maggie teared up.  “It’s all right.  You girls have fun.  And I know we’ll see you soon.”
 Evan approached.  “Keep Kitty out of trouble,” he whispered in her ear, then hugged her tight.
 Shona smiled. “I will try.”
 Tomy then grabbed her.  “You have fun and hurry back!  I didn’t get much time with you, but I did enjoy talking with your mother Shannell.  Lordy, the things she told me and your folks!  You, a princess!  I can’t get over it!”
 Shannell bowed, shook their hands, and turned to the door without saying a word.  Dallan nodded to the three. “We will return in ten days’” Melvale declared.  “It was ever so pleasant to meet you.  I’ll be sure Miss Morgan is sent back with some proper compensation, as you were not allowed to come yourselves this time.”
 “Well, that isn’t necessary but you do what ever it is you ... ah ... do,” Evan replied.
 Maggie could only smile as she watched them, one by one, step into the alien room.  Melvale went first, looked about, then signaled the rest to follow.  Shannell then went, followed by Simon.  Dallan took Shona’s hand and pulled her and Kitty along as Geran brought up the rear.
 Kitty dug her heels in only once before she was pulled into the strange space.  She looked around, then began to scream and laugh like she’d just won the lottery.  And with that, the door closed, leaving in its wake the wall of the Whittard’s living room.
 Evan let go the breath he was holding.  “Do you think they’ll survive?”
 “Who?”  Maggie began.  “The girls or the Muirarans?”
 “Lordy, Maggie!  Who do you think?”

 The three stood and laughed.  The Muirarans had no idea what they were in for.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Music and Writing ...

Music and Writing, they go hand in hand. Let's see if you can guess which song this scene was written to!  No cheating those of you familiar with it already! From Time Masters 2, The Prophecy:

They had just reached the sidewalk when Kitty suddenly noticed two of the men from the corner walking toward them.  She put a bag-laden hand behind Shona to steer her the other way, then noticed the man from the department store coming at them from that direction, the van moving along side him.
 Every kidnapping movie Kitty had ever watched flashed through her mind. She knew, just knew what was about to happen next. 
 Suddenly, music blared from inside the electronics shop in front of them. Shona’s eyes locked on the open door. 
 Led Zeppelin suddenly surrounded them as a concert appeared on the TV screens in the shop’s windows.   Shona threw her head back as she began to absorb the music.  The men still approached, the van drawing closer.
 Shona bared her teeth at Kitty and hissed. 
 Kitty whimpered, eyes wide. Uh oh ...
 The ground suddenly shook. 
 The men stumbled as they began to speed their approach. 
Shona moaned and looked to the sky, her arms out to either side of her.  She then saw Kitty’s horrified face, felt her panicked state.
 It made Shona angry.
The sidewalk cracked.
 Shona’s head snapped toward the man by the van.  She crouched, her body alive with power.  Acting on pure instinct, she placed both her hands on the cement. 
 The man bellowed as he fell forward onto the pavement.  The van also stopped in its tracks.  She turned to the other two men approaching from the other side, who had stopped short in horror.  She went through the same set of motions, and the men suddenly screamed in pain.
 Kitty could stand it no longer.  “Let’s get out of here! Run!”
 “Hush.” Shona growled as she continued to soak up the music blaring from the shop.  Once more she threw her head back, flung out her arms, and this time, began to sing along.  There was a huge jolt, as the earth beneath their feet began to shake.  Car alarms went off around them as the pavement cracked and buckled. 
 Kitty watched in horror as several cars were bucked along the street and onto the rippling sidewalk.  One hit a fire hydrant and water began to spray everywhere.
 Glass began to explode out of the nearest shops. The buildings across the street started to lose windows and fixtures.
 “Shona!  We have to get out of here!  You’re tearing the place apart!  And I am not, I repeat, NOT going to kiss you to make you stop!”
 Luckily for Kitty, the music stopped when the power in the shop failed. The shaking ground also smoothed out to a gentle roll as Shona quieted down. 
Kitty was finally able to shove her best friend away from the scene and back across the street.  She turned one last time to look at the men, and gasped.  All three men’s legs were sunk into the pavement, two of them up to their knees.  They writhed and cursed in pain. The van too, she noticed, had sunk into the pavement, its now-flat tires covered halfway in asphalt.  “Oh, my God ...” she breathed as they stumbled through the park.  What was her friend turning into?
 "Saints, lass, what the bloody hell happened?" Dallan demanded as he suddenly appeared infront of them, taking in the damage Shona had wrought. He never should have left them alone.
 The girls stood still as statues amongst the din. Car alarms were going off everywhere; sirens could be heard fast approaching. Dallan grabbed both women and quickly pulled them away from the park, around the corner and into a nearby alley. He scanned their surroundings then focused on his wife, eyes narrowed to slits.
"All I ... I..." She gulped. "I just listened to ..."
"Listened!" He groaned and spun on Kitty. "What did ye let her listen to?"
"Don't blame this on me!" Kitty shot back. "I didn't let her listen to anything! Some concert was on a bunch of TVs over there in that window! They had the speakers on really loud!" She pointed and stomped her foot at the same time. The window in question was now a pile of shattered glass, as were several of the televisions.
Dallan's jaw twitched. He took a long breath through his nose then held up one hand. "Not. Another. Word." He then saw the stricken look on Shona's face and recalled the sight of the cursing men across the street. "Are ye hurt lass?"
"No. In fact, I feel ... ah ... well ... incredible! Like I could take on an army."
Dallan peeked outside the alley. Several police and fire people were there asking questions as they examined the cracked concrete, broken glass and busted up cars. At least half a dozen car alarms still drowned out the frightened chatter of the spectators.  But what really got everyone’s attention were the men rooted in the sidewalk. Even the fire and police people could only stare in astonishment.
"Saints, woman!" He whispered as he ducked back into their scant concealment. "Ye've got to learn to control yourself!”
 “That’s not all she’s got to learn to control.”  Kitty grumbled as she fell against the alley wall and slid down it to the ground. “Shona.  Don’t take this wrong, but ... what are you?”
 Shona looked at her in shock as the reality of what she’d just done began to sink in.  “I do not know...”

Friday, November 22, 2013

Time Masters 2 The Prophecy

A Sneak Peek!

 Jaireth Shamaelon stood upon his private balcony and looked up at the full moon. The stars were 
exceptionally bright this night and he reveled in their beauty. He hoped to be able to see them from a different perspective... one day.
 “Your daughter poses a definite problem, my King.”
 Zerbe’s voice brought Jaireth’s attention to his rear.  “My daughter has not yet been proven to be a problem.” he said without turning around and continued his observation of  the stars instead.
 “Your behavior tonight was proof enough," Zerbe pointed out.  "You needn’t have tried to prove your point to the extreme.”
 “The boy is completely bonded and joined to her.  Kwaku assures me he is strong enough to wield her fully.”
 “Yes, but until that can be proven, the houses will not tolerate her for long.  Not if Rohlan has his way.”
 Jaireth finally turned around.  “I did not ask you to come here to discuss Rohlan or the other houses.  I don’t care what they think.  Nothing has been proven to discount what we already know.”
 Zerbe stood directly in front of Jaireth, closed his eyes, and for several seconds searched his heart.  “You are just and fair.  But I fear your heart rules you overly much in this matter.”
 “We just got her back, Zerbe.  There is no proof as yet if she is the one the prophecy speaks of.” He turned his back to him then and again looked to the stars.
 “But I’m afraid there is some, and that is all Rohlan will need to start a campaign against her.  And her mate.”  Zerbe stepped along side him and also gazed up at the stars.  “He will no doubt petition for her death.”
 Jaireth took a deep breath, his jaw tight.  “Do you ever wonder, what it was like to live among them?  The many stars and planets?  How many planets do you suppose our ancestors visited before they decided to hide themselves here?”
 “Don’t change the subject.”
 “I didn’t.”  He turned to Zerbe. “For if the prophecy is true, and my daughter is the one it speaks of, then she is also the one able to take us back to where we came from.”
 “There may well be no going back, my King.”
 “Bartrol believed there was.”
 Zerbe looked at him, his eyes wary.
 “Calm yourself, Zerbe.  I merely meant that there are other out comes to a prophecy.  Including the one concerning my daughter.  I was not condoning Bartrol or any of his past ... dealings.”
 “Some things, my King, should be left unspoken.  Including Bartrol.”
 “Hmm.  Mihn fares well, don’t you think?”
 “Sita Mihn is resilient as always.  She favors the little Scotsman.  Perhaps we should give him to her.”
 Jaireth laughed softly.  “As what? A pet?”
 “I thought more along the lines of a mate ...”
 Jaireth all but snorted.  “You must be joking! It can’t be done. Besides, it might harm Sita Mihn and where would that leave us? I’ll not risk one of our most cherished treasures.  She is too important.”
 “She loves him I think.”
 “She loves her people more, and will do what is necessary to protect them.  And I will do whatever is necessary to protect her.”
 Zerbe placed his hands behind his back and looked up at the stars.  “He’s out there you know.  Somewhere.  Melvale tells me Mihn has had visions of him.”
 Jaireth briefly closed his eyes then looked upon the city spread out before him.  “Of course she would have visions of him, what small piece of him she carries is bound to affect her.  Stop worrying if Bartrol is still alive and concentrate on keeping Sita Mihn that way.”
 “I still think the Scotsman is good for her.  He seems to make her happy.  And .... well fed.”
 Jaireth rolled his eyes. “When did you become a romantic?”
 “I’m not being romantic, my King.  Merely practical.”
 “Hmmphf!”  Jaireth began. “Oh very well.  Mihn may have the Scotsman.  But not as a mate.  She may keep him as a pet if she so wishes.”
 Zerbe turned to him and gave a small bow.
 “See that he is given new quarters in the Library after the formal Sutyne ceremony.” Jaireth added.  “I imagine she’ll want to keep her new plaything close at hand.”
 “As you wish, my king.”
 “Now, let us discuss what I summoned you here for.”  Jaireth began with a smirk.
 Zerbe gave him a bemused look, then smiled.  “Yes, my King.”

Sunday, June 23, 2013

How on Earth did THIS happen?

Yes, it's true.  Kitty Morgan is now a published novelist.  How on earth did this happen you ask?  Well, you can read the interview on Scribbler's Ink!

But it was bound to happen, I mean Kitty has to have something to do while she waits for her prince charming!  And what better way for some of Dallan and Shona's time travel adventures to be recorded?  Who knows where(or rather when)  they'll pop up next!  And if Kitty has her way, she'll be right in the middle of it all!  Because for Kitty, it's not about the adventure, it's about the romance!
Scribbler's Ink interview with Geralyn Beauchamp

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Julie Lessman's 'A Light In the Window' Will Light Your Heart!

'A Light In the Window' Will Bring Light to Your Heart.

Julie Lessman has done it again! Having read the Daughters of Boston series, this long awaited prequel will delight and warm the wintery heart. (Not to mention any other season your heart might be in!) For those of us who fell in love with Ms. Lessman's writing with 'A Passion Most Pure' , she holds true to her penchant for creating characters of warmth, heart, and dare I say "guts" that drive the story. Marcy Murphy and her best friend Julie (affectionately known as Jewels) are childhood friends reunited due to the financial crisis of the Railroads during the mid 1890's. Julie's brother Sam and his best friend Patrick are roguish gents whose flirtatious dallying with every girl they run into gives pause to enamored Marcy and Julie. That is until Marcy and Julie volunteer to help with a fundraiser to support St. Mary's Parrish soup kitchen. Thrown together to work on a play entitled "The Light In the Window", Marcy soon finds herself the object of affection of not one, but both of our handsome Irish rogues. But our boys don't exactly fit her idea of a Godly man and having both out to win her sends poor Marcy into a tailspin of emotions. Our gents do figure out a way to make sure their friendship stays intact and who will win the right to pursue our heroine. (Not saying anymore on that one! You'll have to read it to find out!). You'll laugh, you may even cry, but one things for sure, you'll not only fall in love with the characters, but 'see' how God's redemptive love works. I must say, Julie Lessman does have a unique knack for taking her characters from crisscrossed relationships, messed up lives and attitudes not to mention broken hearts, introduce a strong faith and God into the mix, and then masterfully have everything workout. By the time you get to the end of the book, you realize, "Wow! Only God could have done something like that!" And so He does.
This is a good book of Julie's to start with for those of whom this is your first Lessman book. Trust me, you'll be hooked!
Enjoy this wonderful Christmas read!  You can get a copy here:

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Savanna's Gift IS a gift!

A Wonderful Holiday Read!

Debut author Camille Eide has stormed the book world with a witty tale of holiday love and forgiveness. Savanna Holt must return to the resort where years before she fell in love with handsome ski instructor Luke Nelson. Luke Nelson, whom she adored. Who could send her heart to racing but whose own heart she broke. Desperate to escape her past by climbing to the top of her game, Savanna leaves Luke and the Evergreen Ridge Resort to find her fortune and fame in the medical world. Now years later she's returned to the place that still holds her heart and the man whom she discovers holds it just as tightly. But what to do? Luke sees her as nothing but a success seeking diva. Someone who years before left him because his care free lifestyle as a mere ski instructor wasn't good enough, sophisticated enough for her. But sometimes God sees fit to arrange circumstances to fit His purposes. And a raging snow storm does just that. Being stuck together at Evergreen Ridge brings back memories and deep feelings in both Savanna and Luke. Will they listen to their hearts and let forgiveness heal a broken love that seems beyond repair? Or will they harbor the pain of the past? Find out in this heartwarming holiday tale! You'll be glad you did. Oh, and better have a cup of tea and some Christmas cookies handy. Camille paints a wonderfully, festive, Christmas picture! I actually had to go out and get some tea and cookies about half way through the story!

So go get your tea and favorite Christmas cookies, and then grab a copy of Savanna's Gift here: