Thursday, April 24, 2014

She's at it again ...

From Time Masters 2 The Prophecy:

Kitty gripped Shona’s arm and squeaked in excitement.  Simon Kells was about to open a door.  She had rushed home, gathered what she thought she would need for a week or so with her best friend, (IN A PALACE!!!) and raced back to the Whittards’, where Dallan, Shona, and their strange companions waited.  She’d told her parents that they were all going out of town on a camping trip. They told her to have a good time while she visited Shona and could she pick her mother up a fun souvenir? Her parents loved camping, but usually of the lodge variety, a souvenir for her mother meant a coffee mug or sweatshirt.  Now all Kitty had to do was remember to nab something before she actually came home.  She then wondered if it were possible for the Muirarans to swing by a national park’s gift shop, but quickly forgot the whole idea as Geran began to sing.
 Tomy, Evan and Maggie watched in awe as an elaborate room was outlined in beautiful green light, the drawn picture then peeling away to reveal the actual room depicted.  Tomy whistled as she took in the rich furnishings and tapestries.  Evan and Maggie, on the other hand, were on the alert for that large, white, furry thing they had glimpsed earlier.  They were none too eager to encounter it again. Thankfully it didn’t appear to be around. 
 They both sighed in relief as the goodbyes began.
 Shona turned, Kitty still attached, and gave her mother a sideways hug.  “We’ll be back in a week or so.  I’m glad I got to see you.  I wish you could all go.  But they insisted only one may come and chose Kitty.”
 Maggie teared up.  “It’s all right.  You girls have fun.  And I know we’ll see you soon.”
 Evan approached.  “Keep Kitty out of trouble,” he whispered in her ear, then hugged her tight.
 Shona smiled. “I will try.”
 Tomy then grabbed her.  “You have fun and hurry back!  I didn’t get much time with you, but I did enjoy talking with your mother Shannell.  Lordy, the things she told me and your folks!  You, a princess!  I can’t get over it!”
 Shannell bowed, shook their hands, and turned to the door without saying a word.  Dallan nodded to the three. “We will return in ten days’” Melvale declared.  “It was ever so pleasant to meet you.  I’ll be sure Miss Morgan is sent back with some proper compensation, as you were not allowed to come yourselves this time.”
 “Well, that isn’t necessary but you do what ever it is you ... ah ... do,” Evan replied.
 Maggie could only smile as she watched them, one by one, step into the alien room.  Melvale went first, looked about, then signaled the rest to follow.  Shannell then went, followed by Simon.  Dallan took Shona’s hand and pulled her and Kitty along as Geran brought up the rear.
 Kitty dug her heels in only once before she was pulled into the strange space.  She looked around, then began to scream and laugh like she’d just won the lottery.  And with that, the door closed, leaving in its wake the wall of the Whittard’s living room.
 Evan let go the breath he was holding.  “Do you think they’ll survive?”
 “Who?”  Maggie began.  “The girls or the Muirarans?”
 “Lordy, Maggie!  Who do you think?”

 The three stood and laughed.  The Muirarans had no idea what they were in for.


Deb said...

When will Time Master 2 be released? I'm reading the first book now and it is wonderful.

Barbara Patton said...

When will Time Masters 3 be released? I am rereading one and two after reading Newton by Kit Morgan.

Perry L. Bryson said...

When is #3 coming?

Perry L. Bryson said...

When is #3 coming?