Friday, November 22, 2013

Time Masters 2 The Prophecy

A Sneak Peek!

 Jaireth Shamaelon stood upon his private balcony and looked up at the full moon. The stars were 
exceptionally bright this night and he reveled in their beauty. He hoped to be able to see them from a different perspective... one day.
 “Your daughter poses a definite problem, my King.”
 Zerbe’s voice brought Jaireth’s attention to his rear.  “My daughter has not yet been proven to be a problem.” he said without turning around and continued his observation of  the stars instead.
 “Your behavior tonight was proof enough," Zerbe pointed out.  "You needn’t have tried to prove your point to the extreme.”
 “The boy is completely bonded and joined to her.  Kwaku assures me he is strong enough to wield her fully.”
 “Yes, but until that can be proven, the houses will not tolerate her for long.  Not if Rohlan has his way.”
 Jaireth finally turned around.  “I did not ask you to come here to discuss Rohlan or the other houses.  I don’t care what they think.  Nothing has been proven to discount what we already know.”
 Zerbe stood directly in front of Jaireth, closed his eyes, and for several seconds searched his heart.  “You are just and fair.  But I fear your heart rules you overly much in this matter.”
 “We just got her back, Zerbe.  There is no proof as yet if she is the one the prophecy speaks of.” He turned his back to him then and again looked to the stars.
 “But I’m afraid there is some, and that is all Rohlan will need to start a campaign against her.  And her mate.”  Zerbe stepped along side him and also gazed up at the stars.  “He will no doubt petition for her death.”
 Jaireth took a deep breath, his jaw tight.  “Do you ever wonder, what it was like to live among them?  The many stars and planets?  How many planets do you suppose our ancestors visited before they decided to hide themselves here?”
 “Don’t change the subject.”
 “I didn’t.”  He turned to Zerbe. “For if the prophecy is true, and my daughter is the one it speaks of, then she is also the one able to take us back to where we came from.”
 “There may well be no going back, my King.”
 “Bartrol believed there was.”
 Zerbe looked at him, his eyes wary.
 “Calm yourself, Zerbe.  I merely meant that there are other out comes to a prophecy.  Including the one concerning my daughter.  I was not condoning Bartrol or any of his past ... dealings.”
 “Some things, my King, should be left unspoken.  Including Bartrol.”
 “Hmm.  Mihn fares well, don’t you think?”
 “Sita Mihn is resilient as always.  She favors the little Scotsman.  Perhaps we should give him to her.”
 Jaireth laughed softly.  “As what? A pet?”
 “I thought more along the lines of a mate ...”
 Jaireth all but snorted.  “You must be joking! It can’t be done. Besides, it might harm Sita Mihn and where would that leave us? I’ll not risk one of our most cherished treasures.  She is too important.”
 “She loves him I think.”
 “She loves her people more, and will do what is necessary to protect them.  And I will do whatever is necessary to protect her.”
 Zerbe placed his hands behind his back and looked up at the stars.  “He’s out there you know.  Somewhere.  Melvale tells me Mihn has had visions of him.”
 Jaireth briefly closed his eyes then looked upon the city spread out before him.  “Of course she would have visions of him, what small piece of him she carries is bound to affect her.  Stop worrying if Bartrol is still alive and concentrate on keeping Sita Mihn that way.”
 “I still think the Scotsman is good for her.  He seems to make her happy.  And .... well fed.”
 Jaireth rolled his eyes. “When did you become a romantic?”
 “I’m not being romantic, my King.  Merely practical.”
 “Hmmphf!”  Jaireth began. “Oh very well.  Mihn may have the Scotsman.  But not as a mate.  She may keep him as a pet if she so wishes.”
 Zerbe turned to him and gave a small bow.
 “See that he is given new quarters in the Library after the formal Sutyne ceremony.” Jaireth added.  “I imagine she’ll want to keep her new plaything close at hand.”
 “As you wish, my king.”
 “Now, let us discuss what I summoned you here for.”  Jaireth began with a smirk.
 Zerbe gave him a bemused look, then smiled.  “Yes, my King.”

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