Thursday, September 20, 2012


 Ahhh the memorable first kiss! What is the most memorable first kiss of either one of your own characters as a writer, or characters of a favorite book? 

From Time Masters Book One; The Call ...

He sat back down upon the bench as he took in the sight of her and swallowed. “I’ve come to find someone.”


 “A lass.”

 She shook her head, not understanding any of this, that particular thought the most annoying of all. She was still trapped in his gaze and realized he had begun to tighten it.

Now she had to swallow. “How long have you searched?” Her voice still betrayed her.
He softened his look and shifted on the bench, bringing his body closer to hers. He leaned slightly in her direction. “A verra long time.”

“Why are you looking for her?

He shifted again, scooting a few inches closer. “She is verra special, verra important. But she doesna ken who or what she is. I came to find her, to tell her and take her home.”

Shona found herself staring long and hard at the huge Scotsman seated in front of her. Find her. Tell her. Take her home? Oh… She felt her face turn pale.

Her voice trembled. “How… how will you know when you’ve found her?”

His face became oddly stern, yet gentle. She recognized the look and froze. “Mayhaps I’ll know her by her hair. Hair with all the colors of the sunset.”

Shona’s face twisted slightly at the way his voice dropped into a dreamy deep whisper. Oh boy. I am in trouble!

He scooted a few inches closer.

 She scooted a few inches back.

 “Mayhaps ‘twill be her eyes. Eyes that ‘twould surely drown a man if he got too close to them. Fall right into them, he would.”

 She leaned back against the bench’s armrest as he closed the remaining distance between them. Oh no! Trapped! To make matters worse, her mouth wouldn’t work, reigniting her earlier annoyance with the situation. And what was this sunset hair and drowning eyes business anyway?

 Shona leaned as far back as she could, grimacing slightly at the sudden euphoric look on his face. Here it comes…

Dallan leaned even closer. “Mayhaps I came to find you, lass.”

He was so close his breath brushed her face. She began to sweat, her mouth suddenly dry. What in the world was happening to her? This was ridiculous! She knew what he was up to and she wasn’t about to let him get away with it. Or was she?

Without thinking, she quickly and nervously pushed out, “What will you do when you find her?” Blast! She shouldn’t have asked, she knew she shouldn’t have asked! She was going to pay for that one.

 He scooted even closer and put one arm around her. He pulled her into his chest, causing her head to tilt back, eyes still mercilessly locked with his. He lowered his face down, closer, closer, as his other arm wrapped itself around her, anchoring her in place.

A tiny squeak of alarm escaped her, too late.

“This, Flower.” He whispered, then gently, and she sensed with as much human restraint as possible, brushed his lips across her own.

Shona couldn’t believe it. She’d been kissed!

For her first kiss, she always pictured the usual things happening to lead up to the event. A date, flowers, friendship, talking, laughing, all the things Kitty raved on about. She was supposed to be heady with emotion, her feet feeling as though they had left the ground. Fireworks were supposed to go off and she would find herself all but swooning in this man’s arms. At least according to Kitty.

Shona’s immediate reaction, however, didn’t even come close.

She socked him right in the face. Hard.


Marian L said...

Hmm! You got me thinking about it and smiling. Thank you.

Geralyn Beauchamp said...

You're most welcome!

Sandy Nachlinger said...

Great scene, and I love the surprise at the end. So much for romance!

Geralyn Beauchamp said...

Yes, well, you should read the next scene!!!!!!!
Now THERE's your romance!