Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Time Master Chronicles

To the Readers and Students of these Chronicles,

Time Masters Book One; The Call was written quite some time ago during the latter half of your race’s twentieth century and shortly after the events themselves took place. At least from the perspective of those involved within said events. To the Muirarans (Pronounced Muir –are-ans.) events leading up to those recorded go back further still, occurring within the previous centuries and then tied to the current year of 3698.
The Time Master Chronicles on the other hand, have taken the recorded events and added the missing pieces so to speak. The Muirarans feel this to be only fair, as Time Masters Book One; The Call was recorded mainly by the Humans involved, one Human in particular, who lumped the events into one huge book and whose accuracy in recording what happened was somewhat skewed. At least according to the Muirarans who feel the Human scribe wished to tone down some of the events to make the documents more appealing to a general audience, namely Human children who, over recent years, have been taught about the Muirarans through the use of these records. Let it be noted that what was recorded did add significantly to the histories of both the Human and Muiraran races, but the latter feel they need further clarification. Further study of these chronicled events have educated many, and managed to relieve some of the tensions growing between the two races of late. Especially those of the lower working classes of your species, who question the very existence of the Muirarans. Before going further it would behoove you, the Human reader studying these events, to be told some history dated prior to the chronicled events themselves. Or in essence, your future.

For those making a study of these chronicled events and who are from time periods prior to what has been called, ‘The World’s End’ which took place in 2313, the Muirarans apologize. Their intent by making these chronicles available to you via utilizing what technologies you have within the centuries prior to 2313 is to educate, not cripple the reader by fear of your world’s impending doom. It is what it is and it serves what it serves. All you can do in the mean time is live your lives as best you can and pray your descendants do not make the same mistakes to the degree you yourselves will. Lucky for you, the Muirarans and their Time Masters have been most generous in helping your race out in that area. But you will learn more of that later. What you need to know now before delving into the recorded events is the following:

After World’s End, Man barely scraped by for centuries until finally, two hundred years before the rebellion of 3349, (which resulted in heavy casualties for the human race, civil war always was a nasty business) he finally started to show promise. Man began to rebuild his civilization and technology that was lost to him when the old world died. Let it be interjected here that you will not find out how your world nearly, as your kind from your twentieth and twenty first centuries phrase it … “bit the big one.” That information is held within the latter chronicles. It is best to start at the beginning in order to understand fully the impact of actions taken by not only your race as pertains to war, but the Muirarans as well.
After the rebellion and subsequent civil war of 3349 Man had to start over yet again, and the Earth once more began the slow process of healing. This time however, new, never before seen things began to grow and species of animal discovered. Some in the form of edible plants and fauna, others in the form of strange mammals, and lastly beings on a much higher intellectual plane began to make their presence known. None of your kind has ever been able to determine where the Muirarans livestock, agriculture, and they themselves came from. For that matter, those at your famous Anontist Center, that ‘Den of Death’ as the Muirarans call it, tried everything to find the answers to a sudden rash of questions. Where did the Elvin like race originate? How did they come to possess such great knowledge and power? Are their origins extraterrestrial? Could they be the Fairie of old? Whatever the Muirarans place of origin, most of you didn’t care. It didn’t matter. (Except to those at the Anontist Center whose sole purpose was to do whatever it took to find out whom and what the highly reclusive Muirarans were. They’ve never done a very good job.) What did matter at the time was they were able to help your kind rebuild some of what was lost.
Though not as technological as man used to be before nearly annihilating himself, the Muirarans were still able to advance man at a much faster pace than if left to his own devices. The Muirarans lived simply and used their own methods to heal their sick or fight any battles that needed to be fought in order to defend themselves from harm. Man, seeing this simplicity, longed for a chance to make it right again for themselves. Let it be known to you, the reader, that your kind decided to forgo rebuilding the world on a technological basis and instead adopted new laws and new ways of doing things. Certain advancements that could be recovered and revitalized were. Mostly in the areas of medicine and some forms of communication. Ideas and philosophies deemed useful were also revived. This put the two races on a more even playing field, as far as your race was concerned. But over time Man noticed the reclusive Muirarans possessed a few things Man did not. Abilities Man could only dream of. Abilities and attributes bred into certain strains of the Muiraran race. Certain Muiraran family’s bloodlines contained more powerful abilities, much more rare abilities, that others did not and these you will soon learn about as you read these chronicles. Man, however, had no such power.
A little more than sixty years ago (3635 to be exact) Man sought to create his own “special abilities” without the use of technology, returning to and resurrecting practices found thousands of years in man’s prior history. Witchcraft, vampirism, reanimation and sorcery to name a few. This went on for at least a decade but he to no avail as the dark arts practiced by man often tended to go sour on him. For a time the Anontist Center was thought to have become the hub of such practices despite all the failed attempts man made. This caused a bit of a rift with Man’s relationship with the Muirarans who told Man in no uncertain terms he’d best “get his act together” as you say. What Man was doing just wasn’t in the Divine order of things as far as they were concerned. And of course, when people began disappearing and Man had to enlist the Muirarans help to find them, (unfortunately all were dead, obvious victims of these detestable practices) this caused even more tension. Needless to say after that, anyone caught dabbling in said practices were severely punished. So even though many tried and failed at these dark arts, they soon gave up on the notion completely once the new laws were enforced.
All but a few.
It is believed that this “few” are behind Man’s current dilemma but no one is really sure. All anyone is sure of is civil war is once again brewing, near boiling in fact. People are once again disappearing, and man is scrambling to try to find a solution to the problem. Some blame the Muirarans, those that actually believe they really do exist. While others lay blame on the Anontist Center, which ironically was created for the sole purpose of proving the Muirarans do exist. While even more blame what ever village or province is right next door to them, this group simply out looking for a good fight, not caring who started what, they just want something to pulverize first and ask questions later. Boredom and bad living conditions will do that to a human.
And for those actually in charge of coming up with a plan of action and putting a stop to the death toll, they weren’t above asking the Muirarans for help. Again. After all, wouldn’t it be easier to use a Time Master to fix the problem before it even really got started? But unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy. No one really had much of a clue of what was going on. This could take time, and time wasn’t something they had if they wanted to put a stop to it all fast. The rebellion of 3349 escalated so rapidly that before anyone knew it Man had practically once again obliterated the planet. No one wanted to go through that again. But any trails and clues as to who was behind things fifty to sixty years ago had gone cold. No one had an answer, a clue, even a starting point. Man faced an unseen enemy that was meticulously picking him off sector by sector, village by village. Man was killing man and no one knew why. And the Muirarans were none too happy about it. A nasty business no matter how one looked at it. And this, dear reader, is where you will begin …

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