Tuesday, March 25, 2008

National Time Master Book Give Away!

Woo Hoo! A Book Give Away! Yes, a book give away. Twenty Books to be exact. Autographed even. This of course means a drawing! Which of course means you have to enter. Which at this point means I have to give you some pertinent information on the matter! Ok fine!

So toddle on over to my website if you will at www.geralynbeauchamp.com and sign up for the Time Master newsletter. Winners will be announced in the May/June newsletter. Please send your name, snail mail address, contact email along with the answer to the secret question to TMGiveaway@yahoo.com to enter the drawing. Entries will be taken through April 25, 2008. No we do not give your email out. It’s to let you know if you won! And of course to find out if you want to be announced as a winner in the May/June newsletter under your real name, secret identity, or borrow your uncle Charlie’s identity. At any rate, we would like to let folks know the lucky twenty! OH WHAT’S THE SECRET QUESTION? I’m glad you asked. For those of you who like a bit of a hunt, here’s a little question to answer when you enter.

What is the name of Dallan MacDonald’s little brother?

You can find the answer at:


Hint: It’s in the prologue posted on the amazon page!


Anonymous said...

Ooooooo...This series sounds GREAT! I can hardly wait to get my hands on the first book! I've entered the drawing!!!
Kay C.

Geralyn Beauchamp said...

Glad to hear you've entered! Good luck in the drawing!